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High School Lunch Changes

by Keppen Clanton

February 14, 2012


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Dear High School Parent:

A visit from an auditor at the Illinois State Board of Education to NGHS on Thursday, February 9, 2012 has prompted a change in the lunch policy for high school students.

Beginning Tuesday, February 21, 2012 high school students will have the option to decline up to 2 lunch items from the day's menu they do not wish to eat.  The switch from a SERVE policy at the high school, where every student must take a tray containing the complete menu, to an OFFER policy, where students must only take three-of-five items, is necessitated by federal mandate.  Note: this applies ONLY TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.  At the other schools, students must take all of the day's menu items. 

The price of the meal for high school students remains $2.00, whether they choose to take the complete meal or opt to decline up to 2 items.  Kitchen staff at the high school will be initiating this change in policy upon the return to school after the Presidents' Day holiday.  They will attempt to assist students in the transition to this new policy by educating the students at NGHS about how menu items are counted.  For instance, if a chicken patty on a bun is offered on a posted menu, it counts as two items.  If the student wishes to take only the patty, without the bun, he/she has declined one item and taken one of the three necessary items needed for her/her lunch to count as a full meal.

Let's review:

1. We are not discouraging students at NGHS to eat less.

2. We  are encouraging them to waste less.

3. Lunch prices remain the same ($2.00); but, the students are able to opt out of up-to-two menu  


4. If the student is likely going to throw those one or two food items away, we encourage them to

    opt out and take the four or three (the minimum) menu items.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Mr. Stevens at 217-373-2842 or Patti Damm, Head Cook at NGHS 217-374-2131