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Time: Subjects/Activities

8:00 - 8:15

Morning Preparation 
8:20 - 9:10
9:13 - 9:58 Biology
10:01- 10:46 Advanced Biology
10:49- 11:35 Human Anatomy and Physiology
11:35 - 12:09 Lunch
 12:12 - 12:59
 1:02 - 1:49  Biology
1:52 - 2:40
2:45 - 3:30
 Preperation Time

Welcome to my website where you'll find information and updates about things happening in the classroom and at our school.  This website provides an excellent opportunity to communicate and connect and I encourage you to visit often.  I will do my best to keep my site updated so that each visit is a good one.

In the Biology classes we have started studying cell division and will soon begin learning about genetics. 

In Advanced Biology we have begun studying different animals, starting with the simplest (sponges) to the most complex (mammals). We will also begin dissections of different animal types very soon (2/10).

In Human Anatomy and Physiology we have learned how muscle cells contract to move our bodies, and we are begining to learn the names and locations of many of the muscles in our bodies.

In Horticulture we have learned about the parts of a typical plant and have even begun to grow some plants in the classroom. We are now learning about composting and how it can benefit plants.